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What do employees want this holiday season?

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

(from Best Holiday Gifts for Employees by Alison Doyle, Guide   December 6, 2011)

What do employees want the most for a holiday gift this year? According to a new Glassdoor survey the best gift a company can give an employee is cash.

72% of employees said that a cash bonus would be among their top choices for employer-gifted holiday perks this year, followed by a raise and extra paid time off from work.

What Employees Would Like for a Holiday Gift

  • 72% cash bonus

  • 62% salary raise

  • 32% paid time off that doesn’t count against vacation

  • 23% grocery gift card

  • 14% work from home for a year

  • 11% company stock or shares

  • 10% health care subsidy

  • 8% gym membership

  • 4% holiday party with an open bar

  • 3% commuter subsidy

  • 2% gold watch or other accessory

  • 2% other


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