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With change as a constant, Jaya coaches people in organizations to: 

  • Become aware, empathetic, authentic leaders; empowered, confident team members; and effective change strategists and managers.

  • Adopt an entrepreneurial visionary mindset.

  • Find and develop the right people for their teams, and the right structure for their department and organization.

  • Create vision and mission statements.

  • Navigate politics, structure, and changes.

  • Manage transition related to mergers and acquisitions; changes at the C-suite.

  • Create effective first 90 days in a new or promoted position.

  • Clearly communicate on multiple levels.

  • Manage virtual teams.

  • Make the move from manager to leader.

  • Deal with job loss, transition, downsizing.



DC Org Change Model Graphic.png

Like individuals, organizations change constantly.  Mergers, acquisitions, new bosses, product innovations, scandals... all of these require deliberate management.  Leaders must understand and guide their teams, using the science and art of the Designing Change model. 

5 Stages of Organizational Change

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