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Why Coaching?

All professional life involves change, whether we choose it, or it's foisted on us.  If you are seeking a promotion, a raise, a new job, to be happier in your current job, or planning your second or third career act, Jaya can help.  

Coaching helps professionals...

  • Become aware, empathetic, authentic leaders and empowered, confident team members

  • Navigate and lead complexities related to politics, structure, and changes in their organizations

  • Manage transition related to mergers and acquisitions; changes at the C-suite

  • Clearly communicate with compelling messages delivered in the ways most resonant to audiences

  • Create and unify teams

  • Gain more satisfaction and control over careers

  • Engage teams, peer groups and executive teams with the right blend of face to face, social platforms, written, and other forms of communication

  • Plan exit strategies; retirement; second, third and fourth acts

  • Enhance and embody personal brands by living their values

  • Develop the right people and structure for their teams

  • Create strategic plans with clear vision and mission statements

  • Manage virtual teams

  • Create compelling value propositions and personal/professional brands

  • Make the move from manager to leader

  • Deal with job loss, transition, downsizing

  • Develop inclusive, collaborative work environments to achieve strategic business goals

  • Help find balance and integration for all aspects of life, including work and home

  • Plan and achieve an effective first 90 days in a new or promoted position

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