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One-on-one, team or group sessions to build and refresh skills, confidence and effectiveness of written materials, interpersonal communication and in-person presentations.


Effective word choice, grammar, structure, and other content considerations for:

  • Business proposals

  • Strategic plans

  • Responses to RFPs

  • Media relations pitches

  • Blogs, social media


Writing and production for maximum results of:

  • Sales pitches

  • Client presentations

  • Conference speeches and presentations

  • Trade show pitches

  • New project proposals

  • Media appearances.

Presence and Communication

  • Interpersonal communication (one on one and groups)

  • Conflict resolution

  • Difficult conversations

  • Dealing with difficult situations and people

  • Leadership presence (image, stance, poise, confidence)

  • Preparing for key presentations

  • Media appearances

  • Spokeperson


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