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Branding and Marketing

For effective change and reputation management, communication is key. 


Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Interim Chief Communication Officer

  • Communication Strategy

  • Engagement Strategy and Implementation

  • Chief Culture Officer

  • Brand and Image

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Communication Structure:  Assessment and Strategy

  • Team Composition

  • Value of Communication Function


With experience as an in-house and consulting executive, Jaya offers communication strategy and coaching for global organizations and individuals.  A frequent speaker and author, she holds leadership roles in communication, coaching, nonprofit management, and healthcare professional associations and socieities.  She has 20+ years of B2B and consumer success in the food/beverage, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, retail, government, nonprofit, entertainment, and technology industries.  She is aligned with academic and corporate research and thought leadership in communication, leadership and change.

Business Meeting

Internal Communication and Engagement

An organization's behavior is its brand.  To have the brand you want, start with your employees.

Jaya Bohlmann's emphasis is on the people – groups and individuals – at the helm and at the heart of organizations.  They must be holistically addressed as humans with real life concerns and emotions that drive them – before they can be viewed as employees or leaders.


Jaya can help you engage your employees around your mission, products, and services, allowing them to be the bridge to your key customers and influencers.  Jaya can help you build your brand from the inside out.


Integrated communication model to engage internal and external stakeholders

  • Internal communication

  • Crisis communication

  • Social and digital media

  • Leadership communication

  • Executive communication

  • Member communication

  • Fundraising communication


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