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Trust in the workplace comes from the top

An environment of trust is a key attribute to an organization's overall success. As leader, it is your own responsibility to create a culture where your employees feel safe and free to craft their job roles in a way that works best for them.

A Citigroup and LinkedIn survey found that about half the people they surveyed said that they would give up a 20% raise for more control over their work environments. Employees across all fields need to have the ability to craft their positions in a way that they feel works best for themselves and for the organization as a whole.

A key part of creating this culture is initiating and encouraging daily deliberate and conscious communication of your organization's values. Before anyone can live out their organization's values, they have to be aware of what those values are and have a clear understanding of what they entail. Make an initiative to bring these values up in casual conversation and even have a short meeting to go over the details if necessary.

It has become a common to send out a short survey asking how well each individual knows the organization's values. The results can give you a good starting point for how to go by educating your fellow employees and how they can incorporate the values in their everyday lives - in and out of the workplace. It is a simple way to gain additional insight from the people most affected by the values and can give you a better understanding of how to improve their workload and overall satisfaction with their work environment.

Trust in the workplace isn’t only a concern for employees. PWC’s 2016 Global CEO Survey found that 50% of CEOs worldwide consider a lack of trust to be a major threat to the sustainability and growth of their organizations. This goes to show that making sure the organization provides trustworthy environment is something that needs to be discussed among all levels of leadership.

Another study done by Paul J. Zac, an author and researcher from Harvard, found that employees working at high-trust organizations report 106% more energy at work, 50% higher productivity and 13% fewer sick days with their lives when compared to employees at a low-trust organizations. When it comes to sustainable and healthy growth, being aware of these stats can help you educate fellow leaders on the importance of creating a culture of trust.


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