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Using company values to create a culture of trust

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

Corporate values are the cornerstone to how a company operates. It dictates the daily life in the workplace and defines how each employee is expected to contribute to the organization. Before you can live out the values of your corporation, you have to make sure they are aligned with your own values and feel comfortable There are two main characteristics to note about a corporate culture and the environment it creates in the workplace to ensure your entry-level job isn’t going to burn you out.

As we mentioned in our last post, you need to initiate daily deliberate and conscious communication about your organization's values. Without daily reminders and open communication, the values can easily be forgotten. Observe how often the employees discuss the culture of their workplace and how often you see that culture being practiced in the workplace. Make it a point to chose at least one value a day to clearly exhibit for your employees so they can see how one simple act can improve the quality of the entire workplace.

The second characteristic of a culture of trust is having leaders with a strong sense of capacity awareness. Many companies have unrealistic expectations about the amount of work one is able to accomplish, and it can lead to a fast turnover rate. Sit down with your employees and have a thorough discussion about what leadership expects them to accomplish and be sure to listen to what they personally think they are capable of doing. Too often do employees feel uncomfortable standing up for themselves and admitting when their workload becomes overbearing. This lack of mutual understanding leads to a tense work environment and ultimately a fast turn over rate.

A researcher from Harvard conducted a study that found employees at high-trust organizations report 74% less stress, 76% more engagement and 29% more satisfaction with their lives when compared to employees at a low-trust. Next to your clients, the quality of life of your employees should be the most important thing you consider when establishing your organization's values. When you have a strong understanding of their work capacity and awareness of your values, you gain the ability to really encourage and create an environment of trust among the whole organization.


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