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In Changing Times, You Need a Plan

The start of a new year is always marked by change.  2017 is set to make history, beginning with the dramatic shift in power in our nation’s capitol and its sweeping effects for businesses, organizations, and inevitably, on individuals.  What do these changes mean for you? Whether change has been foisted upon you, or you are determined to finally take charge of your own career and life, you can find guidance in a new book.   This Changes Everything:  Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out is available just in time for you to make this year everything you want.

A highly experienced coach and thought leader on personal and organizational change, I wrote this book to share my proprietary, five-stage model for turning dreams into reality.

I provide explanations of the distinct phases of the change process and practical tips, techniques, and exercises you can use to navigate the emotions and psychology of change.  Full of inspiring stories about how other people have adapted and grown, this lighthearted, empathetic, personal, and even humorous book will empower and equip you to plan and stay on a positive journey toward your best life.

I look forward to hearing how you are changing everything for the better in 2017!

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