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Diversity & Inclusion: Key to Engagement

Many studies show that organizations that link diversity and engagement to their business strategy and core values increase performance, productivity and customer satisfaction.

D&I is important to an organization’s…

  • Employment Brand – to attract employees who want to work in a diverse, inclusive workplace where they can find affinity with others like themselves and therefore feel more included, more empowered and more productive.

  • Good citizen/human rights brand – doing the right thing for people not just profits

  • Brand as a savvy business – we are on trend, on target with what’s important in our marketplace, keeping up with the times…

Further, research supports that companies lacking diversity have a higher percentage of disengaged workers.  Employee engagement levels are measured by the degree to which workers feel job satisfaction and an emotional connection to the success of their businesses, resulting in improved productivity, innovation and retention.  Consider the following:

  • As with diversity, highly engaged employees use their passion and discretionary efforts to “go the extra mile” and to do whatever it takes to ensure the organization meets its business goals.

  • Companies that are successful in creating an environment of acceptance and inclusion have open lines of communication and create diverse teams for corporate problem solving and collaboration. They stop thinking in terms of individual self-interest or even departmental self-interest, and begin working together. Unified human potential translates into powerful financial results.

  • Employees with the highest level of engagement perform 20 percent better and are 87 percent less likely to leave the organization, according to a survey by TowersPerrin.

  • A study by the Hay Group found engaged employees were as much as 43 percent more productive. Employee engagement improvement tactics such as structured manager-to-associate or peer-to-peer recognition programs, team collaboration and problem solving, and customized incentive initiatives to reward performance.

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