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The Best Leaders Tip #3

Be Brave: Be Humble

This is my 4th of 12 posts about how to be among the Best Leaders.  In these, I provide inspiration for everyone seeking professional and personal growth as a leader of people, projects, groups, teams and organizations. I welcome your comments and feedback.

Be Humble

You don’t know everything, and people know you don’t, so stop trying to pretend you do.  It’s really okay – people will still admire and respect you.  Humility requires bravery – a sense of self confidence that empowers you to know that asking for advice, input and feedback doesn’t diminish nor belittle you in any way.  So go ahead – hire people who are smarter and more experienced than you in the areas in which you are not as strong.  Take their advice.  The best leaders also know they are not perfect, and when they make mistakes, own them rather than blame others or circumstances.  Apologize and make it right with those who are impacted.  Read more.

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