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Women Matter 2012: Making the Breakthrough

Since 2007, McKinsey & Company’s Women Matter research has been making the business case for increasing the number of women in senior management roles. It argues that the very best minds, men’s and women’s alike, are needed to address today’s business challenges. And it has shown the link between the specific leadership behaviors that women tend to adopt more frequently than men, and corporations’ organizational and financial performance.

This report, Women Matter 2012: Making the Breakthrough, is the fifth in the Women Matter series. It finds that today, women remain underrepresented on corporate boards and executive committees. The report also shows the way forward. The best-performing companies in terms of proportion of women in executive positions also have a “critical mass” of initiatives in place that are established as a “supporting ecosystem.” They also have the highest levels of management commitment, they monitor women’s representation carefully, and they seek to address men’s and women’s mindsets to better support gender diversity. In short, they are the most diligent in driving through their gender diversity programs.

The report provides important information and insights for all organizations. What are your thoughts?

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