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If you feel something, say something.

Burnout at work is real. Know the signs, which can include these:

  1. disinterest in what used to excite you.

  2. having a hard time staying focused.

  3. unable to manage time; feelings of being overwhelmed.

  4. missing deadlines.

  5. missing meetings, or being late often.

  6. not speaking up in meetings.

  7. not volunteering to take on new projects and tasks.

  8. changes in personality, especially becoming quiet when usually outgoing.

  9. feeling like you are not making a difference, not being heard, not contributing the way you want.

  10. feeling physically unwell.

If you think you are burned out at work, you can get help. Begin by talking to your supervisor. Check my interview in this article.

Next: Is it burnout... or something more serious? Know when it's time to leave.

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