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Social media means a new mindset for PR

This is a time of big mental adjustment for communication professionals. We’re used to controlling the message, writing the news releases and the quotes, approving all materials and controlling the delivery channels to every single audience. For us, it’s all about control, lest our precious brands be misunderstood or maligned.

It’s time to let it go, folks.

Social media means we have to give up control and channel our professional expertise to educate and empower others in our organizations to do what we do – to represent our brands publicly. It’s not all bad. We have an opportunity to expand our work, our resources and our scope by engaging our workforce beyond communications teams. We can create brand ambassadors.

But should just anyone in your organization be a brand ambassador? I don’t believe so. A good brand ambassador should have most of the following qualities:

  1. Specialized expertise in areas important to your company

  2. Credibility in their profession and in their role in your organization

  3. Some existing visibility and reputation in their/your industry

  4. Unique or provocative point of view

  5. Ability to let their personality shine through

  6. Will take guidance (about strategy, message areas, themes, needs) from communications team

  7. Time and willingness to participate as part of a team effort

Once you’ve thought about people in your organization with those qualities (and more you might add depending on the culture of your organization), how do you engage and utilize them? Stay tuned for my next post, which will continue this series and move you closer to a great program.

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