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Lessons from 9-11: What's the status of your crisis plan?

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that although most companies have created formal disaster-preparedness plans, most still don’t feel secure – only a third of companies say they are well prepared for potential threats or disasters. Further, the study, conducted by the Society of Human Resources Managers, found that 85% of companies had disaster plans in 2005 (an increase from just 54% in 2o01) – but that the number has decreased. Only 76% of companies today reported having a disaster plan. That seems low to me, given what we’ve learned, not only from 9-11 but from the range of other crises that have impacted companies and industries in the past ten years.  Also, if companies have disaster plans, why don’t they feel secure? Is the plan sitting on a shelf? Does the executive team know how to activate it? Is it practised and publicized internally?

What’s the state of your company’s disaster plan? What you share could help a lot of us!

Source: SHRM, from WSJ, Sept 6 2011

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