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High performing cultures require diversity!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

A high performance culture (as measured in research conducted by PA Consulting Group and reported in a recent Bulldog Reporter article), is one in which:

  • There is a clear mission and vision, deriving directly from the organization’s strategy. The organization is highly adaptable and responds rapidly to the influences of the external market place and customer needs. People are aligned and engaged and there is a “team” orientation Values, systems and processes are in place and aligned to support performance.

How to achieve a high performance culture:

  • Begin by reviewing the organization’s operating model, reward system, and its mission and purpose.

  • Build talent from within and challenge roles. Lack of diversity must be rooted out on the road to executive leadership, and this means the next challenging role has to be visible and achievable.

  • Look to the future.

There is a link between how clearly an organization articulates its mission and the percentage of women in executive roles. This link is vital to the long-term engagement of the best female talent.

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