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Diversity & Inclusion: Strategic Recommendations for Leaders

Updated: Oct 24, 2018


  • Define and refine D&I for your organization. Remember diversity of background, professions, work environments.

  • Create a clear, articulated, and measurable D&I strategy that is enterprise-wide and consistent, tied to business goals.

  • Invest company resources and demonstrate your commitment.

  • Create measurement tools (scorecards, etc) that emphasize accountability.

  • Tie to bottom line, including performance objectives and bonuses.

  • Look at leadership teams and pipeline for senior management.

Embedding Into Culture

  • Emphasize culture and mindset transformation (more than actions and behaviors).

  • Communicate all D&I positioning and programs clearly and often to employees – internal to external.

  • Develop leadership behaviors up to mid-manager level.

  • Learn from and partner with clients, suppliers, others in your system.

Self Awareness and Improvement

  • Gaining the key competencies for leading a diverse team, and being a successful contributing team member who can serve multilingual and multicultural customers.

  • Acknowledging individual frames of reference, and understanding how different perspectives impact personal and business objectives of both clients and employees.

  • Acquiring skills for working productively and respectfully with all team members and customers.

  • Leveraging the talents, skills and experience of everyone to meet individual and organizational goals.

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