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Diversity & Inclusion: Impact on Brand (a new series)

Although research is still catching up, experience working with many types and sizes of companies and organizations shows that diversity and inclusion (D&I) are important to the brands and reputations of those seeking to recruit and retain employees, create satisfactory relationships with suppliers, attract lucrative business partnerships, satisfy requirements of government and legislative bodies, and excel in overall reputation. Communication professionals have a unique opportunity to lead D&I strategy for their organizations, since we are in charge of corporate reputation and branding, and we know how to influence and monitor opinions of stakeholders, and using that knowledge to create effective business and reputation strategies.

This post is the first in a series about D&I. Let’s start with a definition… although there are many definitions, every organization must create their own – one that makes sense for their business and industry, type of organization, mission and business goals.

A good starting definition: Diversity Management: Establishment of a comprehensive organizational and managerial process which supports a corporate culture in which open expression of diverse perspectives and approaches is respected and leveraged for the benefit of the business, the employee and community. (Courtesy of Alice Leong, President, ALuminescent Consulting)

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