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Create joy in your world – through gratitude

It’s usually the big-dollar donations that make the philanthropy headlines this time of year.  But you don’t have to be Bill Gates to make an impact.  My family and I have firsthand experience –  2013 has been the 23rd year that we have been providing services to children, families, and those in medical need in the communities near Hosur, in Tamilnadu, south India. This has been a remarkable time for all of us running the daily operations of Anantha Ashram and CUP International in Hosur. We have watched with amazement and awe as the programs of Anantha Ashram grew and have helped many people, fulfilling our mission of providing health and social services to this rural area.

Every day, and especially at this time of year, we are overwhelmed by gratitude to all of our individual and organizational donors.  Without their small and large gifts of generosity throughout this and all the years, Anantha Ashram would not exist. Their gifts have significantly and positively impacted many, many children and families. Their gratitude is heard and seen by us many times a day.  For example, parents who have adopted children from Anantha Ashram joined in our annual Children’s Day celebration on November 14, and expressed so much joy at becoming families due to the work of our Children’s Home.

We currently are caring for 35 children there. In addition to adoption, education of the children continues to be a focus for us – at this time, 22 children are being educated in day and boarding schools, from primary to college levels, due to your donations. In 2014, education expenses alone are expected to be $9,000 for the year, and total operating costs for the Children’s Home are estimated at $50,000.

We also continue to care for low-income patients, who are examined and treated in free health camps, and they receive health education, as well. Our healthcare mission also is fulfilled through the services of the Anantha Ashram Medical Center. We continue to depend on your generosity. We’ve enclosed the newsletter that is written and distributed in India – it provides a few more details of the Children’s Home this past year. You can also get information about our programs on our website –

… small, quiet acts of gratitude cultivate connection…

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