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Congratulations PR Week Award Winners!

Business and communication professionals can find inspiration for your next campaign, solution to a pressing problem, courage for a crisis you’re facing and pure fun – check out the 2012 PR Week award winners!

I was pleased to be among the judges and I can tell you I learned a lot from the entrants in all 33 categories, the agencies, the individuals and my fellow judges. The Awards were announced in early March in New York.

Regarded as the Oscars of the industry, the 2012 PRWeek Awards evening was a sold-out event with many hundreds of distinguished guests in attendance, including the nominated finalists and our distinguished independent panel of judges. The panel included some of the top executives from the corporate, agency, and publishing sectors, ably led by the 2012 Chair of Judges, GE’s Gary Sheffer.

Do you have a favorite winner? Let us know!

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