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Ambassadors – Two Tracks

Now that you’ve thought about who to tap as your “social media ambassadors,” let’s get them organized. I recommend two levels, if you will.

1. A smallish (no more than 20 people) core group of influencers in your organization and among key stakeholder groups, all of whom possess the qualities listed in my last blog (at least most of them). These people typically are higher level managers in the organization/

2. A broad-based group of employees from across your enterprise. This group doesn’t have to be limited in number.

Here’s how you could engage each group:

Level 1 Ambassadors (Core influencers)

  • Contribute content to company blogs

  • “Assign” each to a company social media site for monitoring and contribution

  • Use influence to gain further buy-in within the company

  • Contribute content to external social media sites relevant to audiences

  • Share effectiveness of social media work with stakeholders

  • Help to align social media use with overall communication strategy

Level 2 Ambassadors (broad group)

  • Add company social media platforms as their bookmarks

  • Ask co-workers, professional colleagues and network, friends and family to read and contribute to company social media

  • Read and comment on company blogs

  • Alert communications if organization is mentioned online in other platforms and blogs

  • Contribute to external blogs

  • Become members of online communities relevant to organization

  • Follow and engage with influencers in the organization’s industry

  • Display organizational alliance in all personal online interactions

All ambassadors will need to be trained about how to do all of this well, within company and legal parameters and according to communication strategy and standards.  In my next post, I’ll give some ideas about how to do this kind of training and what it should include. I hope this is helping you so far – would love to get your comments!

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