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Summertime and the writing is easy…

These days, we’re all tempted to put aside the business and self help books and pick up light, fluffy, delicious summer fiction. You know, the kind that transports us to different countries, eras, lifestyles… teaches as it transforms and leaves us fully satisfied emotionally and mentally. Also the kind that inspires us to write! Many of us in public relations and communication come from journalism backgrounds, and a lot of us love to write – some of us think of summer as a way to pursue our writing hobby, channeling our inner F Scott and creating great works of fiction. For all of us, I say go for it! This month’s O Magazine offers some writing tips (taken from Natalie Goldberg’s 1986 Writing Down the Bones) – I paraphrase them here:

1. Use pen and paper (in addition to the almighty electronic options).  Carry around a notebook and a nice pen always.  You never have to charge them, and you don’t have to back up:)

2. For purposeful writing time, leave the house or shut out the many household tasks always calling if you’re in the house. Find a nurturing spot, wherever you are.

3. Get a writing partner to keep you motivated and meet your daily and weekly goals.

4. Forget the many rules of writing and just start.  Let the thoughts and ideas flow out of you.  You can edit later.

5. Practice silence. Behind writing, behind words, is no words.  We need to know about that place.  It gives us a larger perspective from which to handle language.  Silence can be the door to listening, which is one of the great cornerstones to writing. (THIS IS MY FAVORITE!)

6. Read, read, read.  Especially authors you admire, styles you aspire to emulate.  Read.

Happy writing! I look forward to hearing about your summer creations.

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