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The Best Leadership Tip #1

Have a soul: Be the Golden Rule

This is my 1st of 12 posts about how to be among the Best Leaders. 

In these, I provide inspiration for everyone seeking professional and personal growth as a leader of people, projects, groups, teams and organizations. I welcome your comments and feedback.

Be the golden rule.  What you hold inside you is what you’ll see manifested in your external world.  If you treat people with kindness, generosity, honesty, caring, and accountability, you will see those qualities returned to you many time over.  It’s the best, and most important, ROI in the world of leadership.  First, be a person of quality – tend to your soul and clean out any darkness there.  Then, lead with your soul shining out to your work and your people.  You’ll know you’re doing it right when you generate respect, love, recognition, and wealth.

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