Hourly Rate    $150-$250 (U.S.)

Depends on type of consulting project.  Typically, strategy and leadership counsel are at the higher end, while tactics and implementation can be priced lower.  

Project Fees also can be discussed. These typically are based on total estimated hours, with a discounted hourly rate.




Individual Hourly Rate    $230 (U.S.)

Group Hourly Rate

(per person)                      $180 (U.S.)

Coaching is done in a series of live in-person, phone or video sessions with follow up and self-work between sessions.  Ten hours of sessions are recommended to achieve results toward a specific goal area.  All coaching engagements are customized.



  Critique $255

  1. detailed review of your draft (you provide this, already written and formatted in MS Word)

  2. written suggested edits and changes, provided in Word tracked changes


Rewrite $320

  1. detailed review of your draft (you provide this, already written and formatted in Word)

  2. revision of draft

  3. one review by you, with opportunity for further edits for fact checking

  4. provision of final version


Start to Finish $540

  1. interview with you to learn about your work history, goals, and background (virtual meeting or email)

  2. one draft of resume with 15 minute virtual accompanying meeting

  3. you review and provide edits to correct facts

  4. second draft of resume

  5. you review and provide additional changes (minor)

  6. final version


Brand integration, value propositions, social media profiles and elements can be added to each package. 

With cover letter, add $155.  With social media consult, add $225.

President & Founder | Chief Consultant

Certified Career Coach

Communication Professor

Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann


Washington, D.C.

202. 344. 5488

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