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My Favorite (Holiday) Things – Part One

I know everyone is busy with end of year projects, budget reviews, and miscellaneous deadlines, including me. I pause to enjoy the season, andI hope you will, too. One way to do this is simply by noticing what’s around you, and by remembering how you used to feel about this time of year, as a child. After all, when did you enjoy the holidays more than then?

In the spirit of sharing, here are my top ten favorite things about the holidays, shared in two lists and two posts – here is part one:

1. The song “My Favorite Things” sung by Julie Andrews in the movie, The Sound of Music.

2. Twinkling white lights outlining roofs, bushes and trees as we drive through our neighborhood and others.

3. 24-hour holiday music on certain radio stations (in the DC area, one is 97.1 WASH FM)

4. Handel’s Messiah – the one I listen to over and over is the 1976 Decca recording conducted by Sir Neville Marriner, released on CD in 1995 performed by the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, with soloists Philip Langridge, Anna Reynolds, Gwynne Howell, and Elly Ameling. Check out the top recordings at

5. That “special occasion” feeling in the air, and dressing up for holiday parties and family gatherings.

….. to be continued…

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