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My Favorite (Holiday) Things – Part Deux

6. Good excuses to break out the special sparkling wines, fancy appetizers and nibbles, pretty napkins, fancy china and crystal – even just for a weekday dinner! (Our 2011 personal favorite for fancy living:

7. The sound of jingling bells. Honestly, can you hear those and not expect something happy, something exciting to happen??

8. The promise of magic, of dreams coming true, of miracles – the chance to believe in things you might not at other times of the year.

9. Movies on The Hallmark Channel. They start these close to Thanksgiving and run them through New Year’s. Each one is nicely written, well-acted, predictable as to lessons being learned, true love and integrity triumphing over all else, one’s true self trumping all, courage and truth winning. And beautiful holiday visuals, sets, scenes and music. You can’t help but feel good, and they’re wonderful for the whole family!

10. Remembering the year nearly past for all its accomplishments and challenges, and looking forward to a new year with new goals and opportunities for being all we can be and doing all we really want to do.

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