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A Wish for You this Season

May you look into the sky and see only the sun

And the blueness of clarity.

May you feel the freshness of adventure, the freedom of letting go,

the excitement of being new.

May you look into your future and smile at the possibility.

May you ponder your past and forgive and remember the lessons.

May you feel healed rather than scarred.

May you understand your power and your strength.

May you know beyond all doubt that you are needed, you are wanted, you are important to many.

May you embrace your current path and know it’s part of your larger life journey, with all its bends and twists and interesting times.

When you dream your fondest wishes, know that they – or something even better – are already on their way to you.

When you long for success and feel lacking, look at yourself right now. Today, you are abundant.

May you desire all that you already have.

May gratitude settle into your being, warming and loving you, every minute of every day. Beginning now.

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