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Coaching for Individuals

As a professional communicator and a coach, Jaya K. Bohlmann can empower you to successfully navigate professional and personal transitions by guiding you through the process of creating unique value propositions, improve networking and interpersonal skills, find professional opportunities that align with your values and goals, and improve your overall life experience. 


She is an executive coach, with more than 20 years of experience in communication and change, and first-hand experience with transitions and success as a business and communication leader.

Create a path to your new job/position

Business Meeting

For individuals seeking or undergoing personal change, Jaya provides customized, one-on-one coaching delivered in the context of a safe, trusting relationship coach-client relationship. She works with clients of all ages and stages of life to help them create clear goals and achieve them through a clear roadmap of steps, going at the pace comfortable for the client (and encouraging them to go faster or slower if needed!).  

Define your values and how they influence decisions

Transition to a new profession, field, or level

Align your benefits and passions with your actions

Create clear goals and strategies to reach them

Present your best self to the people important to you


 Job seeking and career transition require that you present a variety of print and online materials to potential employers and to your network. These must reflect your own distinctive brand, value proposition and personality, integrated across social media and live platforms.  An objective expert, Jaya Bohlmann knows the marketplace and can provide you with polished materials to give you that all-important edge. 

Critique Package

  • Detailed review of your draft (you provide this, already written and formatted in MS Word)

  • Written suggested edits and changes, provided in Word tracked changes

Resume Packages


Rewrite Package

  • Detailed review of your draft (you provide this, already written and formatted in Word)

  • One review by you, with opportunity for further edits for fact checking 

  • Provision of final version


Start to Finish Package

  • Interview with you to learn about your work history, goals, and background (virtual meeting or email)

  • One draft of resume with 15 minute virtual accompanying meeting

  • You review and provide edits to correct facts

  • Second draft of resume

  • You review and provide additional changes (minor)

Brand integration, social media profiles and elements, and cover letters can be added to each package.

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