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If the prospect of change throws you into a panic, or if you find yourself holding onto unhealthy patterns so as not to upset the status quo, then it’s time to let change expert Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann, MA, APR, MSMOB, ACC teach you about the extreme power and benefits of inviting change into your life.


A veteran teacher and thought leader on personal and organizational change, Jaya coaches clients through change using her  proprietary five-stage model for turning dreams into reality through the use of strategic, supported life changes.


As your coach, Jaya  incorporates explanations of the distinct phases of the change process and provides practical tips, techniques, and exercises you can use to navigate the emotions and psychology of change. Offering insights on how to deal with common roadblocks to change, Jaya demonstrates that a fluid environment is one in which you can thrive, grow, and succeed.

I created the Designing Change model as a map  for  their  change  journeys  so  that  they  could  chart  their individual course for change and find a consistent cadence of progress toward their ultimate goals. In my experience, this kind of visual  depiction  can  be  a  powerful  ally  to  any  major  initiative, helping to provide the strategic plan that is essential to any type of success.


The model is the product of my desire to put change within both creative and scientific contexts. My intent is to describe the change process as a continuum of distinct, related, and interactive phases.

Broadly  described,  the  Designing  Change  model  takes  the person  undergoing  change  from  realizing  change  is  needed  or happening, through processing and planning, and to the desired end state, or "new normal," via five distinct and related stages.


In addition to serving as a practical guide, the Designing Change model seeks to further an understanding of change theory-that is, the best ways to affect change within an organization, a person, or any human system.

5 Stages of Individual Change

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Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann


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