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Designing Culture Program

How do you know if your organization has the right culture?  How do you create the culture you want?  Can an incorrect or poor culture be improved?  How do you maintain culture?

To answer these and other critical questions, and to help you create the right program for your organization, Jaya Bohlmann has created Designing Culture, a proprietary, simple, comprehensive 4-step program that begins with surface and physical observations, and then graduates to deeper levels of behavior.

Designing Culture Steps

1.       Evaluate current culture

a.       Discuss situation, goals and needs with leadership team or representative

b.       Assess the Organizational Culture

c.       Assess Change Readiness

d.       Share results with leadership team or representative

2.       Define the desired culture

3.       Create a strategy and plan to instill your desired culture

4.       Implement the plan

a.       Designing Change model

Culture change needs to be deep and thorough, thoughtful and sensitive.  It’s not about the process, it’s about the people

The Designing Culture Difference

Culture is complex, but our process is simple – distilled to the essence of attitude, behaviors and shared experiences that drive organization culture.  We don’t just assess, we take you all the way through the process.  We don’t hand you a bunch of data, we interpret the data and work with you to create implementation strategies so you can change your culture. 

Typical change management is technical - about the data, project management style charts.  We emphasize the humans at the heart of culture (and any change effort).


Designing Culture is a new approach, taking the best and most proven strategies and techniques from scholars and Jaya Bohlmann’s own academic research, distilling them for practical use with consulting firms, especially communication firms. 

All the steps are conducted collaboratively with your leadership team and a recommended representation of your employees. 

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