Change Coaching

Change is literally in our DNA. We are made for change, yet many of us still actively resist it, clinging to the familiar even when it's  not  what  we  want.  We  resist  change  because  we  feel circumstances are out of our control, we don't understand it, or we just fear the unknown. Often, we don't feel capable of change, thinking its price outweighs any potential reward.

Since change is programmed in us and the world is constantly moving, it makes good sense that we learn how to keep up. Facing change doesn't have to be hopeless or overwhelming. You don't need all the answers, tremendous energy, will, or courage-not all at once anyway. You do need a prescribed path. You need a plan.

Companies must develop inclusive, collaborative work environments to achieve strategic business goals and to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.   Through coaching, you can learn to deal with increased workplace pressure, be in charge of your own career, your own life, and gain more satisfaction and control.

President & Founder | Chief Consultant

Certified Career Coach

Communication Professor

Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann


Washington, D.C.

202. 344. 5488

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